PNG Students Fly High

STANLEY Liria and Richard Simbil were two proud Papua New Guineas who graduated with master of law qualifications from the Australian National University on July 16.


STANLEY Liria and Richard Simbil both graduating with masters in law at the ANU.

Their commitments and many sacrifices during a one year period of study paid off for them to graduate from this premier Australian university.

Stanley Liria has become first in the Pangia district to attain a master of law from ANU.

He is the principal of Liria Lawyers, a Port Moresby based law firm and he is also author of two books; A Law Awareness for PNG: Our Guide to the Rule of Law (2009) and Inequalities in DevelopingRural Communities in PNG: A Pangia Perspective (2009) which are been used in PNG schools.

His story is an example of how many Papua New Guineans who were brought up in the villages rise to achieve their goals and succeed in their career paths.

One strong view why those who are raised in the villages seem to succeed in what they pursue is because the struggles in the village life from early childhood provided the platform to work extra hard to make a difference in fear not to face the confronting state of things there.

Born and raised in Tunda village of Pangia where his parents are village subsistence farmers, Stanley, like many other children, attended his primary education at Tunda Community School from 1984-1989, Pangia High School from 1990-1993 and was lucky winner of the AusAid secondary school scholarship to attend secondary school in Cairns, Queensland from 1994-1996.

From 1997-2000 he attended law school at UPNG where he graduated with bachelor of law with honors and went on to complete Legal Training Institute in 2001.

Since then he practiced law with law firms in Port Moresby until he set up his private practice in 2006.

“Learning is a process, which helps us to improve our knowledge base, and I am grateful to have completed this at a postgraduate level at ANU. I am sure it will help me in my work and improve the way I do things,” Mr Liria said.

He said he desires to spend some time to write another book aimed at legal studies for PNG schools.

“I believe that a lot of social problems and law and order breakdown in our communities are as a result of lack of understanding our rights and corresponding obligations and responsibilities, which come hand-in-hand,” he said.

The other graduate, Richard Simbil is from the Puluwa village in the Tambul District of WHP.

He did his community school at the Mt Hagen Primary School from 1993-1998, high school at the Hagen Park High School from 1999- 2002 and secondary school at Mt Hagen Secondary School from 2003-2004.

After completing his bachelor of law from UPNG in 2008, he practiced law with a private law firm in Port Moresby for three years before being awarded an Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) to his masters.

MASTER OF LAW: The Master of Laws is an intermediate academic degree, pursued by those either holding a basic academic law degree, a professional law degree.

Post-Courier, Monday 21 July 2014